Webinar April 26 / 27 – Working with templates in ArcGIS Pro

//Webinar April 26 / 27 – Working with templates in ArcGIS Pro

Webinar Working with Templates

Project templates help you create a new project. For example, a project template can include connections to folders, favorites, databases and servers.

Folder templates help you reuse or standardize map layouts.
ArcGIS Pro provides a number of standard templates, but it is of course possible to create your own templates. These templates can then be shared with other users.

During this webinar we show you how you can work with already existing templates in ArcGIS Pro and how you can create your own templates

Dutch version: April 26th 2018 – 14h00 – 14h45

French version: April 27th 2018 – 11h00 – 11h45

More information:

Dutch: https://www.communityesribelux.info/werken-templates-arcgispro

French: https://www.communityesribelux.info/travailler-modeles