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Esri User Conference Live Stream


We hope you’ll join us! It's a busy time of the year here at Esri. We're all working to make the 2018 User Conference a valuable experience for our users, partners, start-ups and distributors. This year’s theme—"GIS – Inspiring What’s Next”— focuses on the digital transformations made possible by technological advancements and the innovative ideas of GIS users. It’s your work that makes GIS progress possible, so we hope you are able to attend and learn about the next frontier in GIS. The strong sense of community among our users is what makes the User Conference special – so if you [...]

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Save up to 40% thanks to the KMO portefeuille


In the fall of 2018, we offer you the opportunity to follow a GIS training and to recover a large part of your registration fee! Through cooperation with SBM / Escala, it is possible to get back to 40% of the registration fee for 3 courses by using the SME portfolio. You can use the SME portfolio for the following courses: ArcGIS Pro: Essentiële workflows (3 day training) 06/11 & 08/11 & 13/11/2018 in Ghent 14-16/11/2018 in Wemmel Migreren van ArcMap naar ArcGIS Pro (2 day training) 24-25/09/2018 in Ghent 22-23/11/2018 in Wemmel Inleiding tot GIS met ArcGIS (2 day training) [...]

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Models, scripts and the use of tasks in ArcGIS Pro


Free Webinar - June 21th (Dutch) 2018 - 22th (French) Have you created models and python scripts in ArcMap and would you like to reuse them in ArcGIS Pro? Have you heard of tasks in ArcGIS Pro but you have no idea what the benefits are and how they work? Then this webinar is the perfect opportunity to learn more about it. During this webinar one first explains what models, python scripts and task are. They then show how to re-use models and python scripts created in ArcMap in ArcGIS Pro. Some models and scripts can be re-used, for other [...]

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Virtual Reality on AM/FM GIS Belux session


GIS and AUGMENTED REALITY The association AM/FM-GIS BELUX has a scientific and pedagogic goal, excluding all profitable activities, and wishes to stimulate the exchange of information between parties active in Automated Mapping (AM), Facility Management (FM), and other Geographical Information Systems (GIS) ; to encourage users to introduce these technics within public authorities and private companies. Esri Belux is present on the Seminar, Tuesday 5th June 2018 concerning augmented reality and will show different possibilities. More info concerning the seminar:

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