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As you know for sure, the concerns about Coronavirus (COVID-19) continue to escalate and this has implications for many of our customers around the world. We have heard from various production and R&D companies that they are looking for information, data and applications to help them follow the situation. It has always been part of Esri’s mission to help our customers wherever possible, especially in these challenging situations. The Disaster Response Team of Esri has created a new site This site is designed to help with real-time monitoring and to catalog GIS data so that you as a company can better understand the amount of information and prepare you better.

“Help elkander”-app for volunteers

Communication is important and esri BeLux provides applications that can help coordinate activities to assist each other. Many of us wish to offer help and services to individuals, couples, and families who are in need, but have difficulty leaving or quarantined their homes.

More and more people are asking whether someone can assist and help them.

These applications allow you to report that you want to offer your services as a volunteer and can therefore make this known to those who need help. Conversely, those who want help can also report this via these applications.
You can find these applications by clicking HERE.

Hulpaanvraag Covid-19

COVID-19 in Belgium Hub

Esri BeLux has also taken on the responsibility to assist ongoing crisis management with what we do best: geographic analysis at

The platform aims to better inform the public about the current Corona outbreak in Belgium. It will be used as a focal point for the publication of geographical data and will be regularly updated.

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