Introducing Updated User Types for ArcGIS

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Expanding access to ArcGIS

User types are evolving to expand access to the capabilities, apps, and content your organisation needs to do their work. The updated role-based user types extend capabilities, simplify administration, and allow you to scale as your organisation’s needs grow.

Updates include:

  • Streamlined user type administration
  • Expanded capabilities that align to roles in your organisation
  • Comprehensive access to ArcGIS capabilities across multiple products on desktop, web, and mobile devices
  • Access that scales as your organisation grows

Planning for the updates

Updated user types for ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Enterprise will be available to purchase in June 2024. The updated user types will be available in ArcGIS Online with the June 2024 update and in ArcGIS Enterprise upon upgrading to version 11.4, available November 2024. Since ArcGIS Pro can be administered through ArcGIS Enterprise and ArcGIS Online, the update will be reflected in the respective release.

All ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Enterprise customers will benefit from these updates, including customers that license ArcGIS Pro through one of the GIS Professional user types.

Access capabilities and insights anywhere, anytime

Streamline user type administration

Be confident that users are well-equipped with the tools needed for success. Capabilities, apps, and content that were once purchased and provisioned separately are now included in user types.

Align capabilities to team

User types provide role-based access to capabilities, apps, and content that equip users with essential capabilities for interactive collaboration, mapping, and analysis.

Connect your

Whether users are in the office or working in the field, they can seamlessly navigate and update ArcGIS content across desktop, web, and mobile devices.

Scale as organisational needs grow

Easily add user types to your ArcGIS organisation. ArcGIS user types progressively expand capabilities as your needs grow. Users simply move to the next level to access the additional capabilities.

Explore the updated user types

Different levels of access ensure your team can use ArcGIS to collaborate efficiently. Start by considering who needs to map, analyse, and manage data. Then, empower users to securely contribute to your ArcGIS organisation.

Start mapping, analysing, and managing data

Create maps, develop apps, conduct analyses, and manage geospatial data with these user types.


Leverage essential capabilities for creating dynamic maps and sharing content with pre-built apps. Manage groups, members, and content for smooth collaboration. Empower your mobile workforce by assigning tasks and managing work assignments. The updated Creator merges with the GIS Professional Basic user type and now provides access to ArcGIS Pro Basic.


Access advanced editing and data management capabilities across ArcGIS. Create and configure utility networks and parcel fabrics to streamline operations. Professional replaces the GIS Professional Standard user type. It includes access to ArcGIS Pro Standard and everything in Creator.

Professional Plus

Create production-ready cartography and perform comprehensive analysis that scales to big data. Leverage machine learning and deep-learning models. Professional Plus replaces the GIS Professional Advanced user type. It now includes access to ArcGIS Pro Advanced, extensions, and everything in Professional.

Add collaborators

Users can contribute to your ArcGIS organisation from the office and the field with these options.

Mobile Worker

Securely receive work assignments and driving directions, communicate updates, and share location with focused field apps developed to connect the office to the field. Mobile Worker includes everything in the Contributor user type.


Review and edit data in ArcGIS. Mark up and annotate maps. Explore and collaborate on projects using a variety of data, including building information modeling (BIM) data. Contributor includes everything in the Viewer user type.


Securely view your organisation’s maps, apps, and dashboards to make better decisions and monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) and status updates.

Explore the 2023–2024 user types comparison matrix

Take a closer look at the user type updates, including what’s been added to each user type.

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