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Back on Track is for all customers who look for fast results. Back on track is part of the Packaged services Program of Esri BeLux.

Concretely: an Esri consultant answers your strategic questions for a good start.

To perfectly meet your needs, we have two separate Back on Track programs for you. It is up to you to choose the program that suits you best!

Experts from Esri determine the licences you need for your new plans.

Experts from Esri train your employees so that you can reach your new GIS plans.

Harmonisation program Esri BeLux

Say hello to our Harmonization program.

Match your GIS objectives with your GIS software

The harmonization program is especially for you if you want to start on a solid basis in terms of GIS software and maintenance. After our intervention you have your licenses and maintenance for your new plans.

What’s in it for you

Our Harmonization packages


€ 475,00 (vat excl)

1 workshop | 0,5d


€ 1425,00 (vat excl)

2 workshops | 1,5 d


€ 2375,00 (vat excl)

3 workshops | 2,5 d
elaborated proposal

Get your package!

Discover our Knowledge Transfer program

Start new GIS projects with a stronger GIS team

The Knowledge Transfer program is for you if you want to strengthen the GIS know-how. The focus is on improving skills. Our expert coaches you 1,5 day adressing all your questions..

Price: € 1425,00 (VAT excl)

Knowledge Transfer Program Esri BeLux

What’s in it for you

Available, get it now online!

Service Packages

Getting the most out of your Esri platform is now easier. Make use of our free intake call to get more information.

ArcGIS Pro Jumpstart

For everyone who is new to ArcGIS Pro and wants quick results. The first day is an installation and training. We decide the rest of the custom training and coaching package together with the client. You can choose from a Gold or Platinum package.

ArcGIS Smooth Migration

For anyone who wants to migrate from ArcMap to ArcGIS PRO without any worries.  We make an inventory of your current ArcMap platform, provide extensive training on the possibilities of ArcGIS Pro and together draw up the best way to migrate.We guide and assist you during the migration and the go live.

ArcGIS Enterprise Jumpstart

Are you starting with ArcGIS Enterprise? This powerful platform offers many possibilities. The Enterprise Jumpstart package helps you to get the full potential from it for your case. We analyze and design your data architecture and infrastructure together and install the platform. We support you intensively with the configuration and set up a training and coaching program for the rollout to all your users.

ArcGIS Enterprise Version Upgrade

This service package is especially for those who migrate from an older ArcGIS Enterprise version to version 10.7 or higher. In order to migrate without worries, we analyze the data, processes, workflows and hardware with you in advance. We plan everything for the migration, in particular the data. We carry out the migration with your team and ensure proper documentation and knowledge transfer. The package also includes 2 aftercare sessions in the year after the migration.

ArcGIS Online Jumpstart

ArcGIS Online helps you to share your geospatial data and services with colleagues, partners or customers. Jumpstart is for those who want quick results with ArcGIS Online and who want to avoid beginners mistakes, thanks to the tips and support of our consultants. In this short package of 2 days we first offer support and knowledge transfer to the administrator and those who publish services on ArcGIS online, then for those who collaborate via ArcGIS online.

ArcGIS Portal Server Jumpstart

ArcGIS Portal Server allows you to share geospatial data and services with colleagues, partners and customers from your own platform. Jumpstart is for those who want quick results with Portal Server and do not want to make beginners mistakes, thanks to the tips and guidance of our consultants. In this 5-day package, we first help you design and configure your environment, including advanced functions such as active directory. This is followed by knowledge transfer to the administrator and who publishes services or who collaborates via ArcGIS Portal Server.

Field Apps Jumpstart

Are you looking for an easy and reliable way to query or capture data in the field? The ESRI FIELD APPS are what you are looking for, and with this jumpstart package you can create exactly what you need – quickly and effectively. In this 3-day package, we first help you to choose and configure the correct APP, and then do the knowledge transfer, the layout of data processes, the field work and the reporting to complete your project completely.

Office Apps Jumpstart

This package is for those who start a project with ArcGIS Earth, Maps for Power BI, Maps for Office. During a one-day knowledge transfer session, we help the administrator and business users prepare the data and then configure and fine-tune the maps.

Web App Builder Jump Start

With Web-App builder, ArcGIS Online or Enterprise users can create an app with maps and widgets, without developer skills. In this 2-day workshop we will teach you how to build beautiful 2D or 3D apps. The app is usually ready at the end of the workshop. Prerequisite: to follow this workshop, you must have prior knowledge of publication services and the creation of maps on ArcGIS Online or Enterprise.

Power of GIS Data – Geospatial strategy

This 1-day workshop with one of our GIS Senior Data Consultants is intended for existing ArcGIS customers with a new use case, or new customers who are curious for the possibilities of GIS, looking to understand how geospatial data could create value for them. We analyse together your business case, identify how geospatial information can enrich your business data and write the conclusions. Prerequisite for this workshop is to have business managers present next to the GIS professionals.

Power of GIS Data – Business Case Development

This service package helps you to test some scenarios of GIS strategies for potential and feasibility. We start from some ideas for GIS strategies (for example, the result of a “Geospatial Strategy” workshop). During a 5-day process, we first establish the objectives with the management, and then work out the cases in terms of data, processes and workflows. Together with the management we choose the scenarios with the most potential and elaborate them in a POC plan and budget, which we present to management for fine-tuning.

Proof of Concept

This package is for ArcGIS customers with a business case, who want to test implementation options and validate project plan & budget. We start with specifying the POC success criteria in terms of data and functional results along with the budget. We develop the POC in consecutive sprints with review meetings. The development work can be a ESRI Belux effort or joined effort. The end result is a conclusion about the business case and usually also initial user flows. A POC requires typically 5-10 days over a period of 1-2 months.

Power Support

We have designed the POWER SUPPORT package to help you to get easy access to our experts when you need them to provide you services that are not included in our support desk services that come with your maintenance fees.

Seasoned ESRI users often have important applications running, used by many internal users as well as external partners like clients and the broad public. We experience every year that customers seek help of an expert to do an intervention on a system or to provide short onsite consulting, often with high priority or urgency. In order to be able to provide such help immediately and not having to wait for budget approvals or contract administration, we designed the power support package.

It makes services available in a fast and flexible way through a system of service points that you can use against onsite or remote interventions on your system, as well as training and coaching.

We have a GOLD and a PLATINUM package. The service points remain valid for 3 years after purchase.

Content rich Packaged Services

We made these Packaged Services to adresss frequent questions
by our customers to help you

Effective and Attractive

Effective and Attractive

By using a standard approach, checklists, tools,…
we can work fast and use the good practices from previous projects

Pragmatic and Personal

The process and tools are standard, but your coach uses experience from many customers

and adopts the content to your case

Flexible Interaction Experience


We can always add options or slightly modify the content to suit your specific needs