Back on Track is for all customers who look for fast results. Back on track is part of the Packaged services Program of Esri BeLux.

Concretely: an Esri consultant answers your strategic questions for a good start in 2020.

To perfectly meet your needs, we have two separate Back on Track programs for you. It is up to you to choose the program that suits you best!

Experts from Esri determine the licences you need for your 2020 plans.

Experts from Esri train your employees so that you can reach your 2020 GIS plans.

Harmonisation program Esri BeLux

Say hello to our Harmonization program.

Match your GIS objectives with your GIS software

The harmonization program is especially for you if you want to start 2020 on a solid basis in terms of GIS software and maintenance. After our intervention you have your licenses and maintenance for your 2020 plans.


What’s in it for you

Our Harmonization packages


€ 475,00 (vat excl)

1 workshop | 0,5d


€ 1425,00 (vat excl)

2 workshops | 1,5 d


€ 2375,00 (vat excl)

3 workshops | 2,5 d
elaborated proposal


We will give a discount of 10% for any order “Harmonization” which will reach us untill February 15th.

Service Packages

Getting the most out of your Esri platform is now easier. In the future you will find more programs that will help you.

Discover our Knowledge Transfer program

Start 2020 with a stronger GIS team

The Knowledge Transfer program is for you if you want to strengthen the GIS know-how. The focus is on improving skills. Our expert coaches you 1,5 day adressing all your questions for 2020.

PROMOTION DEAL: € 1282,50 (VAT excl)

Knowledge Transfer Program Esri BeLux

What’s in it for you

Available, get it now online!

We will give a discount of 10% for any order which will reach us untill February 15th.

More to come

Content rich Packaged Services

We made these Packaged Services to adresss frequent questions
by our customers to help you

Effective and Attractive

Effective and Attractive

By using a standard approach, checklists, tools,…
we can work fast and use the good practices from previous projects

Pragmatic and Personal

The process and tools are standard, but your coach uses experience from many customers

and adopts the content to your case

Flexible Interaction Experience


We can always add options or slightly modify the content to suit your specific needs

Packaged Services

We will give a discount of 10% for any order “Harmonization” or “Knowledge Transfer” which will reach us untill February 15th.