Esri supports schools

ESRI provides free of charge GIS software and resources to European primary and secondary schools.

Interactive maps created using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) make learning come alive in mainstream subjects—geography, history, science, environmental studies, agriculture—and beyond.

Participating organizations will receive cloud-based GIS tools. On the one hand this allows educators to bring dynamic mapping and technology in teaching traditional subjects. Simultaneously the GIS software allows students to learn flexibly, strengthens spatial thinking, and builds problem-solving skills as they prepare for a variety of twenty-first-century careers. Find out how to activate your School Bundle here

GIS and geography

To support and assist teachers in teaching geography through GIS, inspectors from the three networks and Esri BeLux have come together to compile a directory of digital maps that you can use as a teacher in class.

The maps are on a central website with all the digital maps that secondary school teachers can use during their lessons.

The site also contains a directory with the different topics of the program and refers directly to the available digital maps that can be used during the course.

This free hub is intended as a tool to provide digital support to geography teachers and will evolve according to the school curriculum.

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In addition to your free ArcGIS School Bundle you will have access to the following support for Education:

How to order an ArcGIS School Bundle?

1.Fill out the subscription form on this page and agree to the Master License Agreement E204/E300

2.Your order will be processed accordingly and you will receive your activation codes and set-up for your School Bundle.

Customers may request to upgrade from ArcGIS for Schools Standard to ArcGIS for Schools Advanced at no cost at any time during the term of the program.  Additional products will be delivered to customer’s existing ArcGIS Online subscription. Software use is authorized only for teaching purposes in educational organisations and cannot be used for administration purposes within the educational organisation.

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