Esri supports schools

Esri pledges no-cost GIS software and resources to European primary and secondary schools, in support of the European Commission’s Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition. Vocational institutions are eligible for this program as well.

Participating organizations will receive cloud-based GIS tools. On the one hand this allows educators to bring dynamic mapping and technology in teaching traditional subjects. Simultaneously the GIS software allows students to learn flexibly, strengthens spatial thinking, and builds problem-solving skills as they prepare for a variety of twenty-first-century careers.

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Educational services

In addition to powerful software, educational services are being arranged by Esri offices and partners in participating European Union countries. These services include elements like teacher training courses, classroom exercises, field trips and local geodata such as satellite imagery or digital maps.

Esri works with local educators and volunteers known as GeoMentors to create lessons that align with national curriculum standards and are conducted in local languages.

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