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Connected Garbage Cans

Pilot Project Wallonie Plus Propre started a pilot project and that will last one year and will be conducted simultaneously in 4 cities and Walloon municipalities (Namur, Juprelle and Les-Bons-Villers, and La Calamine). The project plans to track 500 garbage cabs for a year, starting with 1 out of 10, in order to allow to follow the evolution of their filling. The information is sent to the person in [...]

Combine the power of GIS and CAD!

Access to masses GIS Data Esri and Autodesk have entered into a global alliance in which the two worlds of CAD and GIS complement each other. ArcGIS gives you access to masses of geo data that you can now easily integrate into your CAD environment. Open data and government data can now be opened and visualized with a few clicks. BIM in a few clicks and 3D Full power [...]

ArcGIS Online updates tomorrow 05/12

With the update of ArcGIS Online, that will be released tomorrow, a lot of useful functionality will be added. These include user interface updates, licensing changes and changes to administrative workflows. Updated look and navigation: The look and feel will be updated to improve navigation, contrast and responsiveness. However, all the functionality that you currently use will be available in the same location. Navigation through pages and tabs has [...]

Trefdag Digtaal Vlaanderen – Ghent

More than 2000 visitors The Trefdag Digitaal Vlaanderen took place on Thursday 29 November 2018 at the ICC in Ghent. The focus was on Information Flanders' mission: to digitize the government in order to facilitate service to citizens, companies and other (government) organizations. Visitors were able to communicate in an interactive way what they specifically expect from Information Flanders via # TDV18. 56 partners presented their organization, products and [...]

Trefdag Digitaal Vlaanderen – 29 november

Come and visit us This year, the Trefdag van Informatie Vlaanderen will take place on Thursday, November 29, 2018 at the ICC in Ghent. Because the focus is on the digital government, the venue gets a new name: Trefdag Digitaal Vlaanderen (# TDV18). This year, the emphasis is on the task of Informatie Vlaanderen: to digitize the government in order to facilitate the service provision to citizens, companies and [...]

GIS DAY 2018 – A Story Map

This event might just be for you! The GIS Day is an annual event celebrating geography in general and specifically the technology of Geographic Information Systems (GIS). It is a day dedicated to showing, teaching, learning and inspiring others to become excited about geography. Initiated by spatial analytics world-leader Esri (Environmental Systems Research Institute), the first GIS Day took place in 1999. It's been a big success in the USA and is slowly also finding its way to the rest of the [...]

ESRI DAYS 2018 – Luxemburg – 14 NOV

How to integrate 3D into your GIS? 3D with ArcGIS has never been so affordable and creative. ArcGIS Pro is rich in 3D features: 3D editing tools, 3D exploratory analysis, BIM-SIG interoperability, sharing scenes. ArcGIS offers many solutions: web scenes, even on mobile, augmented reality and virtual. In the near future, ArcGIS will offer more specific solutions for navigating inside buildings, collaborating and evaluating new urban projects. Come discover [...]

Installation of NTv2 Trafo Belge

Lambert 72 to Lambert 2008 A new datum transformation is available for ArcGIS Desktop and ArcGIS PRO. This custom transformation enables you to transform data originally projected in Lambert 72 into Lambert 2008 with an error <0.5cm. It is based on a conversion grid validated by Belgian NGI and Service Public de Wallonie (SPW). Please download here the .gsb file: Installation Guide and file NTV2 Transformation - Click [...]

ESRI DAYS 2018 – GIS in the industrial and enterprise world.

BIM (Building Information Model) and GIS, two separate worlds? More since the 2 world leaders Autodesk and Esri have joined forces. The geomatician provides information on the natural environment and built in a broader context. The designer / engineer provides information on the detailed infrastructure. Come discover the new bridges from the partnership that result in more efficient integrated Learn more during our esri days 2018 - click [...]

ESRI DAYS 2018 – What’s new in ArcGIS 10.6

What if we talked a bit about what is new in  ArcGIS? ArcGIS is more innovative than ever. ArcGIS Pro is unquestionably the richest GIS desktop application of its generation. The innovations are numerous: 3D tools, real-time, metadata management, diagrams, Arcades expressions, attribute rules ... The ArcGIS platform (Enterprise and Online) is unique in promoting collaboration between organizations, allowing the creation of personalized sites, by facilitating the construction of [...]

ESRI Days 2018 – Smart Community

Smart Community Travel, parking, waste management, flood forecasting, town planning ... Numerous areas can rely on data present in GIS for a better understanding of the issues, a more effective collaboration and a stronger citizen commitment. Come and discover a concrete case rich in lessons as well as the opportunities offered by the ArcGIS platform. Learn more during our ESRI Days 2018 - Click here for more information [...]

Severe Issue with ArcGIS Pro 2.2 Patch 2

Issue Esri has discovered a severe issue with an editing workflow in ArcGIS Pro 2.2 Patch 2 (2.2.2) that may incorrectly set feature attribute field values to “Null” and strongly recommends this patch be uninstalled. How do I uninstall the patch?  In Windows, open the Control Panel and search for “View installed updates”; click this option. Right-click ArcGIS Pro 2.2 Patch 2 (2.2.2); and click Uninstall. If you do not have the previous patch—ArcGIS Pro 2.2 Patch 1 (2.2.1)—it can be downloaded from My Esri. [...]

Smart City Wallonia

In the heart of Smart City Dynamics The Congress-Salon Smart City Wallonia has become a reference event in Wallonia to discover, share and learn about the latest trends in Smart Cities. The main actors of cities and towns, intermunicipal bodies and public interest organizations are present to find solutions to their needs and inspire themselves to imagine the uses of tomorrow. Thanks to a day of conferences and demonstrations, [...]


Still using 2D maps? In Esri we have bet heavily on 3D GIS products and solutions. This year we also offer new proposals and examples on how to help different collectives with it. Our success story for this year is Namur 3D. We are waiting for you at our Esri days on 25 October in Namur and on 14 November in Luxembourg in which you will have the opportunity [...]

GIS DAY 2018

Discover the world through GIS GIS day provides a forum for users of geographic information systems (GIS) to share their real-world applications of the technology. It promotes a living geography through a number of applications that are useful for society as a whole. GIS Day aims to bring as many active citizens together on a global level forming a grassroots effort opening participation for all. [...]

Migrating from ArcMap to ArcGIS Pro (2 day training)

How to migrate? During this course you will learn how to efficiently migrate your data from ArcMap to ArcGIS Pro. A lot of data created in ArcMap can be used in ArcGIS Pro without conversion. In addition, the training deals with web services and web maps and publishing. • 24-25 / 09/2018 in Ghent • 22-23 / 11/2018 in Wemmel More information and subscription [...]

Use of web services in ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Online

What will be covered during the webinar: During this webinar we explain how you can address web services and we clarify the benefits using practical examples (NGI,, geopunt ...). The plug-in of geopoint for ArcGIS is also discussed. The metadata of a web service is also discussed. After all, the metadata is very important when searching and evaluating web services. [...]

Free GIS software for schools

Esri offers free GIS software and resources to European primary and secondary schools. The activation process and management of these licenses is explained during this webinar on September 26th. You can request these school bundles via our website, we will then ensure that you receive the code for your bundle (these bundles give you access to ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS Desktop advanced with extensions, web and mobile apps and community [...]

Migrating from Google Maps JavaScript API to ArcGIS API for JavaScript

Have your costs to display a map in your web app drastically increased with Google’s recent pricing changes? If so, you aren’t alone. This pricing update has driven many developers that were using the Google Maps API to explore web mapping alternatives and move to ArcGIS. There are a couple of reasons for this. First, the ArcGIS API for JavaScript is a state of the art web mapping API with [...]

Esri Days 2018

Save the date As every year, we will also organize this year our Esri days. The Esri days will be held at the following locations: 25 October in Court-Saint-Etienne 14 November in Canach, Luxembourg The Esri days is a must for everyone who wants to learn the full potential of the ArcGIS platform, to learn new applications and to learn how tools can simplify work. You come in contact [...]

European Transportation GIS Summit

Learn Best Practices and Innovative Approaches to Power Your GIS Platform The European Transportation GIS Summit is Europe's largest gathering of GIS users from road, rail, aviation, public transport, and maritime organizations. Join your peers, Esri subject matter experts, and leading solution providers for two days of networking and collaborating on innovative approaches to meeting real-world challenges by using GIS technology. Unite with the user community on October 2–3 [...]

Sentinel-2 – More Than Meets the Eye

Welcome to the ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World Every day we take in visual cues and make observations of the world around us. In many cases, we take the things we see to be self-evident, that they simply are as we perceive them to be. Other times, we more closely analyze and interrogate things that appear less familiar. Sometimes, just changing our visual perspective can offer additional illumination [...]

Esri User Conference Live Stream

We hope you’ll join us! It's a busy time of the year here at Esri. We're all working to make the 2018 User Conference a valuable experience for our users, partners, start-ups and distributors. This year’s theme—"GIS – Inspiring What’s Next”— focuses on the digital transformations made possible by technological advancements and the innovative ideas of GIS users. It’s your work that makes GIS progress possible, so we hope you [...]

Save up to 40% thanks to the KMO portefeuille

In the fall of 2018, we offer you the opportunity to follow a GIS training and to recover a large part of your registration fee! Through cooperation with SBM / Escala, it is possible to get back to 40% of the registration fee for 3 courses by using the SME portfolio. You can use the SME portfolio for the following courses: ArcGIS Pro: Essentiële workflows (3 day training) 06/11 [...]

Models, scripts and the use of tasks in ArcGIS Pro

Free Webinar - June 21th (Dutch) 2018 - 22th (French) Have you created models and python scripts in ArcMap and would you like to reuse them in ArcGIS Pro? Have you heard of tasks in ArcGIS Pro but you have no idea what the benefits are and how they work? Then this webinar is the perfect opportunity to learn more about it. During this webinar one first explains what [...]

Virtual Reality on AM/FM GIS Belux session

GIS and AUGMENTED REALITY The association AM/FM-GIS BELUX has a scientific and pedagogic goal, excluding all profitable activities, and wishes to stimulate the exchange of information between parties active in Automated Mapping (AM), Facility Management (FM), and other Geographical Information Systems (GIS) ; to encourage users to introduce these technics within public authorities and private companies. Esri Belux is present on the Seminar, Tuesday 5th June 2018 concerning augmented [...]

Namur in 3D

3D Cartography The City opens an open access 3D modeling platform for the entire municipal area. Some 45,000 buildings have been mapped. The model presents various themes such as a detailed relief model, a high-resolution aerial photograph (5cm pixel), textured 3D buildings (in LOD2 detail level), roof thermography and the results of a potential analysis. Finally, the model also makes it possible to visualize the current and future major [...]

Storymap: The EU school fruit, vegetables and milk scheme

The school scheme, funded through the EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), provides fruit, vegetables and milk to schoolchildren as part of a wider programme of education about European agriculture and the benefits of healthy eating.  The ESRI Story Maps App gives them the opportunity to showcase the plan, engages the community and shares it with the world.

Flemish hunting grounds

Pioneering role Hubertus Vereniging Vlaanderen vzw has played a pioneering role since 2007 in digitizing the Flemish hunting grounds. It is thanks to the investment and efforts of the hunting sector that the digital hunting plans have been realized. Hubertus Vereniging Vlaanderen takes its responsibility and contributes to making the hunting plans transparent and updating. The latter is a considerable administrative task, partly due to volatile ownership and difficult [...]

Model data connections and make predictions

Insights for ArcGIS 2.3 released! Available now and hot off the software press! Insights for ArcGIS 2.3 is available with ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Enterprise. What’s new? Great question. Glad you asked. Here are the key features… Link analysis allows you to establish relationships and view connections between related data elements. This lets you make sense of associations between people, places, events, and other entities. The relationships can be described by degrees, closeness, [...]

Webinar Drone2Map

Drone2Map for ArcGIS helps you to use footage from your drone for visualizations and analyzes in ArcGIS. Afterwards it is possible to make drone images available to others via ArcGIS Online. During this webinar we give you a demonstration of how you can convert drone images into usable ArcGIS data.  

Week of the cemeteries

Storymap During the week of the cemeteries, at the end of May and beginning of June 2018, the Culture and Heritage Office of Koksijde will present three digital heritage walks on the cemeteries alongside their educational search, on paper. These will be consultable in a storymap. A preview:

Virtual tours 3D at Begeo

Virtual tour Be sure to visit us at the BeGeo fair, where we can show you the wonderful world of 3D. Come along for our augmented reality solutions and our virtual reality apps. You will be able to view real-time 3D models of buildings in Brussels. We are also going to give a demonstration of virtual reality where we will have our customers take a virtual tour through Venice [...]

Geo-hub Ville de Luxembourg

GEO-HUB The Ville de Luxembourg has built up an extensive geo-hub in which numerous geo-information can be found for its citizens and visitors. For example, the interactive map with parking information has now been integrated into the Ville de Luxembourg website. Click and discover the possibilities:

Webinar April 26 / 27 – Working with templates in ArcGIS Pro

Webinar Working with Templates Project templates help you create a new project. For example, a project template can include connections to folders, favorites, databases and servers. Folder templates help you reuse or standardize map layouts. ArcGIS Pro provides a number of standard templates, but it is of course possible to create your own templates. These templates can then be shared with other users. During this webinar we show you [...]

BeGeo – April 24th 2018

GEO, disruptive technologies to facilitate your business. Everything happens somewhere. Geo-information is becoming increasingly important in the service provision to the citizen and in the solutions offered by companies, more and more location is a crucial parameter in the digital economy. Agoria and the NGI organize for the third time BeGeo, the national congress with a scholarship on geo-information where the government, the private sector and the research world [...]

Upgrades of Apps – points of attention

Last week we had two cases with unexpected behaviours after the upgrade of following Apps: Case 1: Collector for ArcGIS By upgrade Collector for ArcGIS last version 17.0.3 combined to Portal for ArcGIS Enterprise, the Collector for ArcGIS need to work with a available server certificate. In combination Collector with AGOL there is no certificate problem. 2. Survey 123 To have the best working from Survey 123 with [...]

Esri Geo Business Seminar Europe

Business success today requires precise knowledge about who and where customers are. Geography exposes insights about sales, competition, customer behavior and operations. Using Location Intelligence, companies can bring disparate data into one place and use location as a common reference to unlock insights about their business. Join Esri and partners We share how business leaders in Retail, Real Estate, Retail Banking and Consumer Goods are using location and [...]

Esri Developer Summit Europe

The dates of the Esri Developer Summit Europe have just been announced : 23-25 October 2018. Location will be the bcc Berlin Congress Center in Germany. Esri Developer Summit is designed to show you how to build cutting-edge apps using advanced mapping technology from Esri. At DevSummit you will be the first to see new tools for geo-enabling your apps to get pro tips from the developers who [...]

What’s New in ArcGIS Pro 2.1.

Advanced analytics, 3D visuals and more. Add Interactive Tables. You can now add tables to your layouts, including Excel spreadsheets and attribute tables from map layers—reorder fields, turn them on or off, plus change the displayed backgrounds, borders, and headings. With attribute tables, you can automatically filter your data to only show visible features. As the map view changes, the table changes [...]

Esri BeLux is hiring

Esri BeLux is seeking a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Solutions Architect. In this role, you will leverage and apply your strong technical GIS Architect experience, while leading multiple programs with Business and Government customers. Read more