Mobile Mapping solutions in ArcGIS

This page is your source for information on how to use your mobile mapping images in your GIS solution.

Cyclomedia - introduction

Alternative to the disappearance of the mobile mapping application from the Flemish government.

Since many customers use images in their GIS solution, Esri BeLux has looked into whether one (or more) solution (s) can be offered to its current and future customers.

For example, in consultation with Cyclomedia, it has been examined whether a solution could be offered in the short term (and of course also in the long term) based on their images.

The combination of the Cyclomedia images with the strength of ArcGIS offers a powerful tool to working efficiently and cost-effectively.

With the Street Smart Widget for ArcGIS you can add Cycloramas to your own app in ArcGIS Online or Portal for ArcGIS. As a user of the Web AppBuilder Developer Edition you can add the Widget to your own app and publish it in your portal or at CycloMedia. There is also an add-in that offers the possibility to use Cycloramas within ArcGIS Pro.

This combination offers various options:
• pure visualization
• check data
• integration in a web application
• inventory based on visual material.

Esri offers you a short-term solution:
• use of the former Cyclomedia images for a period of 6 months *, that way you can refine your strategy.
• indicative price: € 3.5 / km (municipality territory)
• use of the widget in ArcGIS: included and an unlimited number of users of the Cyclomedia data and widgets within the municipality entity.

If you are interested please confirm your interest via our contactpage.

* This is about images recorded by Cyclomedia. The date of life of the images depends on your territory and the date of recording.

How does the Google StreetView widget work within ArcGIS?


Setting up the StreetView widget is identical to the way other widgets are activated while setting up a Web Application. This is illustrated in the screenshots by linking the StreetView widget to a button within the ArcGIS UI in the list of available widgets (once the installation has been completed) to make the functionality available to the user.

GoogleStreetView Activate

Select and view

When this web application is published, the user can select the widget button at any time within the user interface to call up Google StreetView. This will first automatically switch to a Google background map and make StreetView visible at the bottom of the screen.

Extra layers

As you can see in the screenshot it is still possible to activate and visualize additional layers on top of the Google background, for example the presentation of lots. The original background folder is reactivated when you close “StreetView” by clicking the same button again in the user interface.

It is important to know that a Google developer account must first be created in order to start a production environment. After all, it is necessary to obtain a Google API key (key linked to the production server URL and a credit card number) for this. More information, including costs, can be found at

GoogleStreetView Layers

What can you achieve with the Street Smart Widget in “Web AppBuilder for Developers”.

Before we look at the various options in detail, we would first like to give a little explanation about the Web Appbuilder and the Street Smart Widget.
If you have not yet set up the Web Appbuilder, this must be done first. The good news is that it is also very easy to install the Street Smart Widget for Web Appbuilder.

Click here for the installation instructions.

Here is how you can download the Street Smart Widget from the “ArcGis market place” the “Street Smart Widget”.

Below we give an overview of what you can achieve with the Cyclomedia images on the basis of a number of screenshots:

Cyclomedia high quality

The images from Cyclomedia are of very high quality (they combine the quality of the Cyclorama images with the accuracy of the lidar data). These images can therefore certainly be used for professional purposes.

Cyclomedia image metadata

Each image also contains metadata that you can use in your files, images and metadata can be exported as PNG in your documents.

Cyclomedia measurement mode

The “measure mode” allows you to measure matters remotely and there are also several measurement options available: Location (X, Y), distance, area, perpendicular lines and height, with many possible applications.

Cyclomedia accuracy

In the measuring mode you can also measure very accurately based on the coordinates of each point.

Cyclomedia measure mode

Naturally, the measurement mode also allows you to measure the distances between a number of points.

Cyclomedia surface

With the Street Smart widget you can also see the dimensions in the units that you have chosen in the spatial reference system (SRS) when setting up the widget. This is also possible for perpendicular lines and to measure heights.


Are you convinced or have any questions: you can always contact us via our contact form.