Save up to 40% thanks to the KMO portefeuille

//Save up to 40% thanks to the KMO portefeuille

In the fall of 2018, we offer you the opportunity to follow a GIS training and to recover a large part of your registration fee!

Through cooperation with SBM / Escala, it is possible to get back to 40% of the registration fee for 3 courses by using the SME portfolio.

You can use the SME portfolio for the following courses:

06/11 & 08/11 & 13/11/2018 in Ghent

14-16/11/2018 in Wemmel

24-25/09/2018 in Ghent

22-23/11/2018 in Wemmel

02-03/10/2018 in Wemmel

23/10 & 26/10 in Ghent

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More information about the SME portfolio on: