With the update of ArcGIS Online, that will be released tomorrow, a lot of useful functionality will be added. These include user interface updates, licensing changes and changes to administrative workflows.

Updated look and navigation:

The look and feel will be updated to improve navigation, contrast and responsiveness. However, all the functionality that you currently use will be available in the same location. Navigation through pages and tabs has been improved, re-positioning the page navigation (A) and sub-page navigation (B) and highlighting the selected page making it easier to select the correct tabs. The pages in ArcGIS Online are now responsive, which means the page layout is resized when viewed with smaller browsers like those on a mobile device. The new notifications design(C) enables members to clear all notifications!

image1 - AGOL update 051218

Licenses page:

The Licenses page will display information and workflows to support user types. It will now have two tabs to provide information about add-on licenses and user types.

image2 - AGOL update 051218

User types:

User types include identity, capabilities and apps. The user types tab displays available and assigned user types that have been purchased for your organization (A).

image3 - AGOL update 051218

Expanding the user type descriptions allows administrators to understand the apps that are included (B) and compatible (C) with specific user types, as well as which roles (D) are available to the user type.

Although the functionality available to existing users will remain the same after December 5th, additional user types—Editor, Field Worker, and GIS Professional—will be available for purchase. The new user types include a mix of capabilities and included applications that are priced to align with what is included. For example, the Field Worker user type includes the ability to edit existing datasets through field apps like Survey123, Workforce and Collector. If you are adding members to your organization who are collecting data, the Field Worker user type is worth considering.

Add-on licenses:

The Add-on licenses tab enables administrators to search and explore available licenses that can be assigned to existing members (A).

image4 - AGOl update 051218

The assign button on the license card opens the window to assign add-on licenses. In this tab, administrators can filter members in the organization by group,
role and user type, and assign licenses in batches of members (B). App licenses can be included with a user type or assigned as an add-on license, so the available action that can be applied to each member is displayed to the left. Members who are assigned user types that are not compatible with the specific app are denoted as incompatible (C).

Streamlined invitation workflow:

The workflow to invite members has been updated and streamlined to ensure that your members’ accounts are ready for use before they log in. A familiar set of steps walks administrators through inviting members, choosing the invitation method and number of members to invite (individual or by file). Like the previous invitation process, the user type (formerly user level) and role must be assigned during the invite process.

image5 - Update AGOL 051218

The steps to set member properties provides a method to assign add-on licenses, groups, credits and profile properties like My Esri Access and member start page.

image6 - update AGOL 051218

The last step provides a summary of the invitation settings and completes the invitation. The Set member properties section enables administrators to include add-on licenses during the invitation process, streamlining the invitation workflow as requested with this idea.

App bundles:

The concept of app bundles will be new with this update. App bundles are groups of apps that are often used together, which can be purchased and assigned as a bundle. The three available app bundles contain the apps listed below:

1. Essential Apps Bundle
2. Field Apps Bundle
3. Office Apps Bundle

image 7 - update AGOL 051218

Add-on apps:

User types are designed to meet the needs of most members, but some members may need apps that aren’t included with the available user types. These apps can be purchased and made available as add-on licenses. Add-on apps can be assigned to the identity of a member who has already been assigned a compatible user type, to provide access to the additional apps. For example, Survey123 can be assigned as an add-on app compatible with the Editor user type, as Editor does not include the Field Apps Bundle or the Survey123 license.

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