Esri BeLux wants to help you bring your ArcGIS Pro skills to the next level.

People want to professionalize and develop themselves. This is happening more and more digitally. The demand for Geo intelligence is growing enormously.

The demand for training on ArcGIS software and apps also. Esri BeLux therefore offers a digital channel to support all ArcGIS users in their development.

You determine the learning method yourself. In other words, the way you want to learn and the time you want to spend on it.

We help you with the learning material and methodology.

4 different tracks to improve your skills. You can of course also combine them. CLICK HERE to download our Product Sheet about Digital School – ArcGIS Pro

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Learning at times when it suits you best? Esri BeLux is happy to provide you with an overview of free online courses that you can take at your own pace.

This method is intended for those who want to work from their current competencies and set goals and choose courses themselves.

Use the following link: to determine which competencies you want to improve by looking at the topics and looking for an interesting course on ArcGIS Pro.

Discover via the following link the overview with all courses to help you:

Find out more about the free interactive Q&A session herunder if you still have open questions. Esri BeLux is here to help you.

In the context of ArcGIS Pro, we have listed them below
for you:

ArcGIS Pro Fundamentals

ArcGIS Pro Basics
Getting Started with the GeoDatabase *
Managing Map Layers in ArcGIS Pro *
Displaying Data in ArcGIS Pro *
Querying Data using ArcGIS Pro *
Integrating Data in ArcGIS Pro *

ArcGIS Pro Terminology Guide

ArcGIS Pro Implementation Guide

(*) You need a maintenance contract to access these online courses.



We offer you the opportunity to follow a FREE interactive session.

Prepare your questions and send them in advance if possible. Of course you can also ask questions during the webinar.

There are no fixed dates. If you are interested in following this course, please contact us at

Most of your questions will be answered at the end of the Q&A session by one of our experts.

These session are ideal to get quick answers on your questions and to learn also from questions from others.

We are looking forward to hear from you during these webinars to help bring your ArcGIS Pro skills to the next level.


Esri BeLux offers you as a second learning path FREE webinars from the Esri BeLux library if you wish to stay up-to-date on the latest trends in the GIS world. These webinars last 45 minutes and offer you a stack of practical tips to help you progress in your daily use of our software and apps.



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A third learning method is the digital classroom. Together with fellow students and a trainer, you learn to work (better) with ArcGIS Pro.

Together with fellow students and an Esri BeLux expert you will grow to the next level in a web training. You will learn through explanations by our expert, guided exercises and exchange of experience with other participants. You also receive training material and can ask questions after the training.

You can choose from 3 formulas:

1/ ArcGIS PRO Basic training 1 day

  • Getting started with ArcGIS Pro
  • Creating data
  • Visualizing data
  • Sharing a static map
  • Sharing dynamic maps

2/ ArcGIS PRO Standard training 1 day

  • Working with spatial reference
  • Using ModelBuilder for data conversion
  • Adding text to the map
  • Display XY coordinate data
  • Creating new features
  • Modifying existing features

3/ ArcGIS PRO Advanced training 1 day

  • Visualizing data in 3D
  • Geocode address locations
  • Relating tabular data
  • Using ModelBuilder for analysis
  • Maximum of 8 attendees per course
  • Durations:
    • Basic = 1 day
    • Standard = 1 day
    • Advanced = 1 day
  • Pricing:
    • Basic = € 330,00
    • Standard = € 330,00
    • Advanced = € 450,00

(Prices excl VAT)

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There are no fixed dates for this course. If you are interested in following this course, please contact us at


The coaching session is the fourth learning method designed for clients who want to be helped on a specific project or successfully perform a specific task.

The emphasis is on your development: based on your case, we help you use ArcGIS Pro more efficiently and effectively.

A personal coach will contact you to discuss the purpose of the session and schedule it.

You can still ask questions after the session.

Coaching per block of 4 hours: 600 €

Questions or booking?

Click Here Digital Coach


Digital School – ArcGIS Online

ArcGIS Online

Digital School – ArcGIS Hub

ArcGIS Online Hub

Digital School – ArcGIS Enterprise

ArcGIS Enterprise