Sometimes we get questions like “What license level of ArcGIS Desktop/Pro do I need to do this or that?”.

To help you answer these, we made a mid-level functionality matrix.


Data exploration, advanced data visualization and symbolization, 2D and 3D view, map and scene layouts, animations, reports, charts Y Y Y
Various features : coordinate systems and transformations, join, relate, map topology, tasks, feature binning, field calculation, data publication, data package and scene layer creation, vector tile creation, tile caching, most 3D interactive exploratory analysis functions, time and range data visualization, metadata management, georeferencing, SDK Y Y Y
Support for Shapefile, CAD, Revit, IFC, GeoPackage, KML, JSON, GPX, PDF, Excel, ODBC data connections, image and rasters, LAS, database connections, server connections (ArcGIS and OGC), multidimension (NetCDF) Y Y Y
Basic geodatabase features creation, management and editing (in FGDB): stand-alone tables, simple feature classes, attribute domaines, contigent values, subtypes Y Y Y
Advanced geodatabase features creation, management and editing (in FGDB and EGDB): relationship classes, attribut rules, GDB topology, attachments… Y Y
Management of multi-user editing environments (in EGDB only) : versioning, archiving, distributed editing (replicas) Y Y Y
Multi-user EGDB and advanced geodatabase features visualization Y Y Y
Analysis environments : Python scripts, Python Notebook, ModelBuilder Y Y Y
Basic analysis tools : many analysis tools (clip, select, spatial join, union, intersect, apportion overlay, pairwise overlay, buffer, near, OD links, frequency, summary), spatial statistics toolset, linear referencing toolset, public transit toolset, server toolset (caching, data extraction, printing, publishing), space-time toolset, geocode toolset, annotation toolset, map series toolset Y Y Y
Standard analysis tools : editing toolset, network diagrams toolset, some generalization tools, Y Y
Advanced analysis and cartographic tools : some analysis tools (Erase, Identity, Symmetrical difference, Update, Split, Thiessen polygons), generalization toolset, cartographic refinement toolset, conflation toolset, masking toolset, Intelligent toolset Y
Basic raster management : raster dataset toolset, some raster functions Y Y Y
Advanced raster management : mosaic dataset toolset, ortho mapping toolset Y Y

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