Discover the GIS innovation

It is an exciting time for Brandweer Zone Antwerpen (BZA) as they gear up to embrace their digital revolution. In a conversation with Laura Verhulst, GIS Expert at BZA, we not only uncover current successes but also the visionary outlook that positions the fire organization as a pioneer in modern firefighting and rescue operations.

Hydrant App: a step towards on-site efficiency

One of the crucial pillars of BZA’s digital strategy is the successful implementation of the hydrant app, utilizing Field Maps. Laura Verhulst emphasizes its significance: “It is not just a means to quickly locate hydrants and update data but also a tool that enhances the accuracy and efficiency of on-site work.” Through real-time data collection and collaboration with ArcGIS Pro behind the scenes, BZA ensures that all information is accurate, facilitating seamless and timely on-site operations.


Interactive dashboards: the new standard in data visualization

Woningbranden 21-22

Another highlight of the digital transformation within BZA is the interactive dashboards, an innovative approach initially developed for residential fires. “This dashboard not only provides insights but is also a dynamic and engaging way to present and analyze data.” With the ability to integrate both visualizations and charts, this dashboard offers a holistic view of the situation, expediting interpretation. Laura underscores the value of this new approach within BZA and the possibilities to extend it to other aspects of their operational activities.

Forward-looking vision: The path to continued success

As BZA prepares for the future, their vision is clearly focused on expanding and refining their digital capabilities. Laura shares their plans to further emphasize dynamic figure representation and interactive dashboarding, not only to provide internal insights into ongoing activities but also to enhance reporting processes and foster collaboration. By continuing to invest in collaboration with Network GIS (Fire Department Network Division) and exploring new technologies, BZA aims to raise the bar and position itself as a leader in modern firefighting and rescue operations.

With a strong focus on innovation, collaboration, and user-friendly solutions, BZA remains dedicated to ensuring community safety and maximizing operational effectiveness in an increasingly digital world.