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The integration of GIS in education: Key to success in business


With the rapid advancements in technology, GIS is becoming increasingly indispensable in contemporary education and the professional world. Luc Zwartjes, a GIS teacher and trainer, shares his extensive experience and insights on integrating GIS into education and its impact on future careers. [...]

The integration of GIS in education: Key to success in business2024-06-10T11:57:17+02:00

How GIS Transforms the Management of School Assets


A New Map for Education In the world of educational heritage management, a quiet revolution is underway, one that fundamentally changes the way we think about school buildings and grounds. The Infrastructure Department of the Central Services* of the Community Education, with professionals [...]

How GIS Transforms the Management of School Assets2024-04-18T07:37:32+02:00

Efficient GIS Solutions for effective emergency response


Discover the GIS possibilities The Hainaut Centre Emergency Response Zone is a supra-municipal structure covering 28 highly populated municipalities - with a total of about 550,000 inhabitants. Their missions? Firefighting operations and urgent medical aid, as well as fire prevention. The GIS solutions, [...]

Efficient GIS Solutions for effective emergency response2024-03-23T13:46:15+01:00

Fire brigade zone Antwerp: Innovation in Action


Discover the GIS innovation It is an exciting time for Brandweer Zone Antwerpen (BZA) as they gear up to embrace their digital revolution. In a conversation with Laura Verhulst, GIS Expert at BZA, we not only uncover current successes but also the visionary [...]

Fire brigade zone Antwerp: Innovation in Action2024-03-08T09:42:48+01:00



Discover the GIS solutions developed by Infrabel using Esri products Infrabel, responsible for the railway infrastructure in Belgium, has recently implemented two advanced GIS solutions with the help of Esri products. The use of GIS concepts is steadily increasing within the company, essential [...]




A USER-FRIENDLY PLATFORM FOR SHARED FOREST USE is a webpage featuring an interactive map that, by date, displays the hunting areas that have obtained the right to close public roads in the forest for security reasons. This page is intended for all [...]


Mapping Poverty


Innovative StoryMaps for Local Policy Making In an ever-changing society, it is crucial that policymakers and organizations have the right information to develop effective strategies. A valuable tool that fulfils this need is the poverty atlas. This atlas was developed by the Data [...]

Mapping Poverty2024-01-15T17:18:56+01:00
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