Use of web services in ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Online


What will be covered during the webinar: During this webinar we explain how you can address web services and we clarify the benefits using practical examples (NGI, geo.be, geopunt ...). The plug-in of geopoint for ArcGIS is also discussed. The metadata of a web service is also discussed. After all, the metadata is very important when searching and evaluating web services.

Use of web services in ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Online2018-08-31T14:11:45+02:00

Free GIS software for schools


Esri offers free GIS software and resources to European primary and secondary schools. The activation process and management of these licenses is explained during this webinar on September 26th. You can request these school bundles via our website, we will then ensure that you receive the code for your bundle (these bundles give you access to ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS Desktop advanced with extensions, web and mobile apps and community analysis).

Free GIS software for schools2018-08-24T17:55:19+02:00

Models, scripts and the use of tasks in ArcGIS Pro


Free Webinar - June 21th (Dutch) 2018 - 22th (French) Have you created models and python scripts in ArcMap and would you like to reuse them in ArcGIS Pro? Have you heard of tasks in ArcGIS Pro but you have no idea what the benefits are and how they work? Then this webinar is the perfect opportunity to learn more about it. During this webinar one first explains what models, python scripts and task are. They then show how to re-use models and python scripts created in ArcMap in ArcGIS Pro. Some models and scripts can be re-used, for other [...]

Models, scripts and the use of tasks in ArcGIS Pro2018-06-05T21:23:52+02:00

Webinar April 26 / 27 – Working with templates in ArcGIS Pro


Webinar Working with Templates Project templates help you create a new project. For example, a project template can include connections to folders, favorites, databases and servers. Folder templates help you reuse or standardize map layouts. ArcGIS Pro provides a number of standard templates, but it is of course possible to create your own templates. These templates can then be shared with other users. During this webinar we show you how you can work with already existing templates in ArcGIS Pro and how you can create your own templates Dutch version: April 26th 2018 - 14h00 - 14h45 French version: April [...]

Webinar April 26 / 27 – Working with templates in ArcGIS Pro2018-04-11T14:19:34+02:00

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