Our desktop products are authorized using (1) Single Use licenses, (2) Concurrent use licenses and (3) Named User licenses.

  1. Single use licenses are authorized in a single machine. Deauthorize the license from you work machine, and authorize it on the new machine at home. If you don’t have access to your machine at work, we can help you to deauthorize the license and authorize it again in your new machine. 
  2. Concurrent use licenses are stored in a License Server Administrator. You might have to configure the license server to allow access through a firewall. If you are unable to access to this license server anymore, you can always borrow a license to use it as you would use a single use license.
  3. Named user licenses are accessible via the Internet and are linked to your ArcGIS Online account. You should not have issues to connect to ArcGIS Online. If you are using ArcGIS Enterprise and you can’t use anymore your Named User licenses, contact us.

If you are encountering any issues with these tips or if they do not help you to solve your licensing problems, please contact us at support@esribelux.com, we will try to find a solution together.