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In the meantime we have experienced the long-awaited rain. But after rain comes sunshine, which means that we will still be confronted with an exceptionally low (ground) water level and further drought (and withering). With Geo (GIS) and the data that are now available at different resolutions, it is possible to prepare, plan, take the necessary measures, check the impact of the measures, inventory damage, …

We wish to give a first start to possible solutions. It doesn’t always have to be that difficult (or high end scientific). It can be used by anyone. both for the farmer, the organizations, local-provincial-regional government, … after all, we are all involved in this exceptional situation.
How can you monitor the status of the crops, detect the quality of trees, die off, estimate risks, …

If you have any questions or feedback (or ideas), don’t hesitate to contact us. …

Read this PDF document.

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