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Tell your story with ArcGIS Online Story Maps


Who knows ArcGIS Online knows that it is a very powerful platform for visualizing location-based data. Less well known is that ArcGIS Online also offers a wonderful tool for telling and sharing stories about your data, Story Maps. Discover the possibilities and get inspired ArcGIS Online Story Maps allows everyone to easily create, without programming, beautiful interactive web pages that tell your story. Are you not familiar with Story Maps yet? Be sure to check out the Story Map Gallery to discover the possibilities and be inspired! You can filter and search the gallery to discover how authors [...]

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Smart City – Central Purchasing


Idelux Public Projects Esri BeLux has been selected as supplier of Smart City solutions (work management, smart community ...) as part of IDELUX's "smart" central purchasing department (Intercommunale de développement économique du Luxembourg). Come along on Thursday 24 January 2019 during the information session at the Eurospace Center in Transinne. There we show you how ArcGIS meets the basic objectives of a Smart City. You can register via the following link. Subscribe for this event by clicking here

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Google map on your website does not work anymore? ArcGIS Online offers a solution!


Since Google changed its policy for using Google Maps API in 2018, there are many websites where a Google map no longer works. The map then shows the message "For development purposes only". Fortunately ArcGIS Online offers a solution! Making and publishing a map within your website with ArcGIS Online is very simple and also free. Without programming, everyone can make and share a map within a few minutes! What is the matter with Google Maps API? Since Google's policy change (June 2018), every Maps API user is required to use an API key when publishing a map. This [...]

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Cadastre du Commerce


CLC has chosen the ArcGIS solution to implement its GIS "Cadastre du Commerce". ArcGIS will make it possible to inventory businesses in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and to analyze their activities. See you in a few weeks for the first concrete applications for the pilot project for the City of Dudelange. ESRI BeLux supports the CLC in the realization of this project. In the meantime, you will find more information about the project in CLC's Connect magazine. => Click on the picture

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