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ESRI DAYS 2018 – Luxemburg – 14 NOV


How to integrate 3D into your GIS? 3D with ArcGIS has never been so affordable and creative. ArcGIS Pro is rich in 3D features: 3D editing tools, 3D exploratory analysis, BIM-SIG interoperability, sharing scenes. ArcGIS offers many solutions: web scenes, even on mobile, augmented reality and virtual. In the near future, ArcGIS will offer more specific solutions for navigating inside buildings, collaborating and evaluating new urban projects. Come discover the ArcGIS 3D ecosystem! Learn more during our esri days 2018 - click here for more information

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Installation of NTv2 Trafo Belge


Lambert 72 to Lambert 2008 A new datum transformation is available for ArcGIS Desktop and ArcGIS PRO. This custom transformation enables you to transform data originally projected in Lambert 72 into Lambert 2008 with an error <0.5cm. It is based on a conversion grid validated by Belgian NGI and Service Public de Wallonie (SPW). Please download here the .gsb file: Installation Guide and file NTV2 Transformation - Click here to download

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ESRI DAYS 2018 – GIS in the industrial and enterprise world.


BIM (Building Information Model) and GIS, two separate worlds? More since the 2 world leaders Autodesk and Esri have joined forces. The geomatician provides information on the natural environment and built in a broader context. The designer / engineer provides information on the detailed infrastructure. Come discover the new bridges from the partnership that result in more efficient integrated Learn more during our esri days 2018 - click here for more information

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ESRI DAYS 2018 – What’s new in ArcGIS 10.6


What if we talked a bit about what is new in  ArcGIS? ArcGIS is more innovative than ever. ArcGIS Pro is unquestionably the richest GIS desktop application of its generation. The innovations are numerous: 3D tools, real-time, metadata management, diagrams, Arcades expressions, attribute rules ... The ArcGIS platform (Enterprise and Online) is unique in promoting collaboration between organizations, allowing the creation of personalized sites, by facilitating the construction of attractive maps and scenes ... Come and discover all these novelties and the ambitious roadmap! Learn more during our esri days 2018 - Click here for more information [...]

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Still using 2D maps? In Esri we have bet heavily on 3D GIS products and solutions. This year we also offer new proposals and examples on how to help different collectives with it. Our success story for this year is Namur 3D. We are waiting for you at our Esri days on 25 October in Namur and on 14 November in Luxembourg in which you will have the opportunity to gain more knowledge and insights about the aforementioned. Click here for more information about the Esri Days 2018

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Migrating from ArcMap to ArcGIS Pro (2 day training)


How to migrate? During this course you will learn how to efficiently migrate your data from ArcMap to ArcGIS Pro. A lot of data created in ArcMap can be used in ArcGIS Pro without conversion. In addition, the training deals with web services and web maps and publishing. • 24-25 / 09/2018 in Ghent • 22-23 / 11/2018 in Wemmel More information and subscription

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Migrating from Google Maps JavaScript API to ArcGIS API for JavaScript


Have your costs to display a map in your web app drastically increased with Google’s recent pricing changes? If so, you aren’t alone. This pricing update has driven many developers that were using the Google Maps API to explore web mapping alternatives and move to ArcGIS. There are a couple of reasons for this. First, the ArcGIS API for JavaScript is a state of the art web mapping API with powerful developer tools for exploring data and creating visualizations in both 2D and 3D, widgets for building compelling user experiences, and client-side processing for creating interactive apps using the latest browser technology. Second, with an ArcGIS Developer [...]

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Model data connections and make predictions


Insights for ArcGIS 2.3 released! Available now and hot off the software press! Insights for ArcGIS 2.3 is available with ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Enterprise. What’s new? Great question. Glad you asked. Here are the key features… Link analysis allows you to establish relationships and view connections between related data elements. This lets you make sense of associations between people, places, events, and other entities. The relationships can be described by degrees, closeness, and betweenness.  A link map incorporates both the ability to see spider lines to show connected locations or, when it shows directionality, a flow map.  Here are some examples where link charts and link [...]

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Upgrades of Apps – points of attention


Last week we had two cases with unexpected behaviours after the upgrade of following Apps: Case 1: Collector for ArcGIS By upgrade Collector for ArcGIS last version 17.0.3 combined to Portal for ArcGIS Enterprise, the Collector for ArcGIS need to work with a available server certificate. In combination Collector with AGOL there is no certificate problem. 2. Survey 123 To have the best working from Survey 123 with operating system Android it is necessary to install at minimal the Android version 7.X. If there are any questions about this, you can contact our helpdesk via the following form: Or [...]

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What’s New in ArcGIS Pro 2.1.


Advanced analytics, 3D visuals and more. Add Interactive Tables. You can now add tables to your layouts, including Excel spreadsheets and attribute tables from map layers—reorder fields, turn them on or off, plus change the displayed backgrounds, borders, and headings. With attribute tables, you can automatically filter your data to only show visible features. As the map view changes, the table changes dynamically. Enhance Your Work in 3D. With the new 3D editing grid, you can precisely snap to, edit, and work with your data. Three modes of [...]

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